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Our Client Roster

Sunqueen KelCey

SunQueen Kelcey has two things at the center of her music: body positivity and radical self love. These are more than ingredients to her lyrics, they are her soul; and she has such a strong calling to these tenets that watching her at the mic is more than a concert. Her musical style is a genre- bending collage of hip-hop, soul, rock, and contemporary R&B, call it soul-rock. She delivers an energetic and passionate performance complete with her live band The Soular Flares. 


Born in the small town of King, North Carolina; YN Drako began his journey into the music business at a young age. As a child of a professional MMA & Muah Tai fighter; Drako saw the world from an entertainers perspective from the beginning. The world of entertainment made sense to Drako and music created the rhyme and reason for his path in life.


The wait is finally over! After a 2 1⁄2 year hiatus, Shame Gang (formerly “Shame”) is back with not only a new street-classic featuring Kourvioisier but an entire album titled “No Safe Haven”! Known for delivering authentic hip hop tracks to his fans, Shame Gang is reintroducing himself with this “in your face” anthem, “What’s Good” that let’s his fans and fellow artists know that he never left; he was perfecting his sound and coming back with a message.


Rhythm and blues artist Elieyeam is a quiet storm of cool. While she is a self-taught guitarist, her voice is an instrument within itself. It is calm yet commanding; delicate yet dense; and cultivated yet raw. 


Her heritage is unique; music is in her DNA. Her mom is a singer and her dad is a musician and producer, as are her siblings. Hailing from a small town in North Carolina, she grew up accompanying her parents to studio sessions, as well as listening to them record in their home studio. Becoming an artist fulfilled a family legacy.

Rashaad King is a R&B/Hip-Hop inspired artist from North Carolina. Growing up a church boy who sang in the choir he's no stranger to music, starting to sing at the young age of three.


He started making music mid 2015, making a few stops in his approach and style before he landed on his path. Smooth vocals mixed with storytelling are his forte and he really puts effort into the artistic/creative part of his craft. 

RAshaad King