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Shame Gang

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The wait is finally over! After a 2 1⁄2 year hiatus, Shame Gang (formerly “Shame”) is back with not only a new street-classic featuring Kourvioisier but an entire album titled “No Safe Haven”! Known for delivering authentic hip hop tracks to his fans, Shame Gang is reintroducing himself with this “in your face” anthem, “What’s Good” that let’s his fans and fellow artists know that he never left; he was perfecting his sound and coming back with a message.


“I want to just make great music and I was tired on making the music others wanted me to make”. - Shame Gang


With the collaborative creative direction of both Shame Gang and Dan Mercer of Seven Foot Giant, whose previous collaborations have been known for taking creative concepts and turning them into cinematic masterpieces, guarantees that this video will be unforgettable.



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6/25/21   Pour House Music

6/26/21   Bars & Beats Fest

9/10-9/15   Conway Machine            Tour

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