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Sitch is a singer, dancer, and all-around entertainer from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Sitch (as in 'What's the sitch?') is an R&B/Pop-Soul musician who brings passion, vision, and dimension to his music. He began singing in his church choir at 8 years old, and hasn't stopped using his gift since. He's grown to love the stage, performing in plays, dancing on teams, and ultimately pursuing music independently in 2015. 


Sitch's sound is described as fresh, alternative R&B with a pop swing one moment and heavy vibes the next -- a new artist with that nostalgic, 2000s-era energy. Sitch wants to bring back music that’s more than a catchy hook – he wants to bring authenticity, vulnerability, and depth to the art he creates. That’s why people love his music: to reach the parts of themselves that they feel most deeply and sometimes work the hardest to hide. 


Sitch draws his influence from strong performers who always take music and live experiences to the next level. Sitch knows he does the same. 



Gig Sheet


7/9-7/12    Fleet DJS Conf                 Jacksonville FL

5/25/21            The House                         Durham, NC

5/30/21           Convention                        Las Vegas

7/31                         TBA                        Chicago, IL

7/21/21 w/Chrisette
            Michelle  The Ritz 
                     Raleigh NC   

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$1500 (Non-INClusive)


$1850 (iNClusive)

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