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South Rome

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Paving his own path in the world of hip-hop and R&B, South Rome is an artist from central North Carolina. His sound fuses intelligent wordplays to catchy rap rhythms and melodies. He is all about making people feel less alone and giving them something to relate to. Inspired heavily by the life experiences we all go through, South Rome’s songs are raw, relatable and full of gems you can use in your everyday life.


The recording artist has recently released his EP “Flight Risk”. “Flight Risk” has a mellow vibe and a mixture of wit, style and energy; it truly breaks Rome’s boundaries and shows the artist at his best. The release marks a new era for South Rome, after recently rediscovering his deep passion for making music. Welcome to South Rome.



Gig Sheet


7/9-7/12    Fleet DJS Conf                 Jacksonville FL

7/31/21.   Loft AdiQ LoungE  
                         GARY IL.   

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$1500 (Non-INClusive)


$1850 (iNClusive)

Jeff Motsinger, Agent (College Engagements OnLY)