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Victor Register aka ViiC FlaiR is from a small town in North Carolina, famous for football, Clinton, NC about an hour away from Raleigh, North Carolina's capital and second largest city.


When ViiC was born he and his mom lived with his Aunt Doris Ann and then when he was about 3 they moved in with his Uncle Paul in an area called "Da Loop".  Never really knowing is dad past the age of three his family consist of his mom, his little sister and his little brother.


ViiC's family was full of athletes and hustlers, especially sports however they grew up in the struggle just like a lot of people in "Da Loop", not having a lot of things that you would want a kid coming up.


ViiC started rapping in elementary school listening to a little bit of everything mostly liking Bow Wow, Romeo and Nelly (Murphy Lee / St. Lunatic) had all the ladies.  Coming up in a small town rapping and music was mostly for fun.  ViiC and his family and friends always had a close bond, always stuck together getting into everything a small town can offer.


After losing close friend J Smith, ViiC started taking his music seriously and started investing in himself.  Growing up ViiC did not have a favorite artist, over the years Nipsey Hussle became one of his main sources of inspiration.


It is challenging to describe ViiC's style of music, ViiC states:


"When I was in high school I was listening to artist like Fab, Jadakiss, Styles P, Big Sean, Drake were all out at the time so you may hear a bit of all of them in my music.  Overall, ts just a vibe, I'm big on Vibes, VIBES Don't Lie!"